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Softlines brands often face tough quality control challenges, leading to high return rates. Sizing errors and mislabeled units result in unhappy customers and unsellable inventory.

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Even top brands like Zara routinely fail quality checks

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Sizing errors in SKUs lead to unhappy customers, increased returns, and unsellable inventory.

Apparel brands struggle with tough quality control and face high return rates compared to other categories

Material discrepancies arise from numerous SKUs and changing designs, leading to incorrect product production.

Mislabeled units increase return rates, with frequent size and SKU errors due to manufacturers' large product volume.


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I know I can trust my inspection results and not risk my entire business on every order. The thoroughness and accuracy of their inspections have been a game changer.”

Amy Wees

Founder, Amazing at Home

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We stop manufacturing issues from making it to customers, protecting your brand from negative reviews and bad customer experiences.

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