Movley is based in New York, NY

Why Choose
Movley instead of
Sourcing Agents?

Movley is the modern quality control platform of choice for brands – discover why we're a better choice than Sourcing Agents.


Here are the top three reasons why
Movley is better than Sourcing Agents:


We’re Better at Quality Control

Sourcing providers often lack effective quality control training. Movley can work in conjunction with your agent, giving you a a dedicated platform and a team of trained operations personnel focused solely on rigorous quality control and specialized in your product category.


Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Your sourcing agents have loyalties, not only to you but also to the supplier to ensure they continue to get low costs, kickbacks, and strong cooperation for other customers. This gives them a tendency to overlook many issues resulting in bad products not being caught during inspection.


Get an Integrated, Quality Platform

We’ve built cutting edge technology to make your quality control as effective and efficient as possible. Our platform stores your product assets, integrates with your Amazon & Shopify storefronts, and centralizes all your data.


Want more reasons for
choosing Movley?

Better Platform

Our platform integrates directly with your storefront, helps you track inspections and more.

Storefront Integrations

Use our integrated platform to sync your catalog and store detailed product assets.

Dedicated Team

Get amazing customer support with a dedicated quality team that's always ready to help.

Based in New York

Our company is based in New York. Movley is also backed by top US investors, including Y Combinator.


How Movley helped The Mindful Collective go from their first order to being a 7-figure business

In the beginning, The Mindful Collective wasn't sure they needed inspections. Then they met Movley, who transformed their approach to quality control, helping them grow on Amazon as a result.

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5

Trusted by business owners

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Your company is very knowledgeable and gives great communication. You are on top of your game! We don't think there is any way to improve. We're very pleased with the service we've received. Thank you so much!

Kari Fineran

I liked the way that the team was able to tell me that the size eas different from what my supplier told me as I really did not know.

Clive Richmond

Great service will definitely be using again.

Matthew Scullion

Prompt service, inspection covered in great detail including videos and lots of pictures. Great recommendations.

Ross Graham

Movley is the best inspection company out there, the inspector sent me their feedback with images and videos of my product and I was able to work with the factory to fixed all the problems on my product. I will definitely use them for all my products before shipment. I recommend any one to use Movley before your products leaves your supplier's warehouse.

Ernest Ofori

I liked that the company recommended some of the tests that I didn’t think about. I liked how great the communication was. I really liked how the inspection was done. The pictures and videos were amazing. As well as how thorough the testing and report was.

Esther Babcock

Shocked to see how in depth the report was. Extremely pleased with the details! Customer service is amazing!

Kramer Kembel

I know I can trust my inspection results and not risk my entire business on every order. The thoroughness and accuracy of their inspections have been a game changer.

Amy Wees

Best-in-Class Inspections for eCommerce Brands

We stop manufacturing issues from making it to customers, protecting your brand from negative reviews and bad customer experiences.

Excellent 4.8 out of 5

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Protecting your brand from negative reviews and bad customer experiences.