How Movley Helped This Amazon Seller Recover $1 Million in Revenue From Inspections

Before Movley, Maurice Mann was struggling to maintain consistent star ratings on his Amazon account. Here's the story of we helped him go from 3.5 stars to 4.7 and recovering $1 million in revenue.

June 6, 2024
$1 million
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Regardless of how good technology has gotten, the inspection process is fundamentally broken in today’s supply chain. 

When manufacturers fail to inspect products properly in a streamlined way, they also lose trust in the brands for which they produce products.

We sat down with Maurice Mann to discuss this very topic.

Maurice is one of our most loyal customers, and hearing about his journey before discovering Movley is a recurring theme we hear from many consumer brands, whether they sell on Amazon or not.

Maurice – who has requested that his business not be mentioned – sells exclusively on Amazon. Over the years, he’s become a seasoned seller in the private label sector, now running a successful 7-figure business on Amazon’s marketplace. 

But his growth journey hasn’t been without roadblocks. Maurice had trouble maintaining product quality with his old suppliers, which nearly sabotaged his Amazon rating status.

That’s when we entered the picture.

The Challenge

Running a business online is a rollercoaster. 

There’s a thrill of designing and placing your first PO, followed by a nose-dive when you receive the first shipment and realize the products you ordered simply weren’t QA’d properly. 

Or, when you’re told everything has been QA’d, so you ship to customers, only to witness the negative reviews begin to bubble up.

That was Maurice's story.

"In the beginning, our Amazon listing was great. But, over time, gradually plummeted until we were averaging a 3.5-star listing," said Maurice.

It was a nightmare in slow motion.

He was sourcing from multiple factories, and he was being told inspections were complete, but he couldn’t figure out why there were so many persistent issues with the product’s quality. 

It was a maddening affair that left him with negative customer reviews, hidden Amazon listings, and plummeting sales.

“We were averaging 250-300 orders a day, but when our seller rating dipped, plummeted to 120 orders per day. And then lower. It all happened within a few days.”

Dealing with overseas factories is a challenging task. Maurice noted that when dealing with larger companies that sometimes don’t have your small business’s best interest in mind, the communication can feel impersonal.

“When you’re dealing with these factories, you don't have a team to speak to, and the language barrier creates problems because you can’t explain what processes or issues to improve on, so you feel stuck,” adds Maurice.

“That’s what happened to our business during the inspection process, and we paid for it.”

The Solution

Then Maurice discovered Movley.

“I randomly found your website, and I have to say, at first, I was a little skeptical,” recalls Maurice. And he added, “But after filling out a form on the website, one of your team members actually called me – something no other inspection company has done before. I felt seen."

Maurice began by leveraging Movley's inspection software, and he immediately saw a transformative shift in his quality control processes.

Movley’s approach to recommending ideas for the inspection process enabled Maurice to conduct inspections more efficiently, identifying and catching manufacturing defects before they reached his customers.

“Movley has allowed me to schedule everything within their platform, making my job 80% easier. The best part is that they streamline everything,” explains Maurice.

With Movley, Maurice gained access to a user-friendly platform that facilitated seamless scheduling, communication with inspection teams, and detailed reporting.

This approach gave him renewed confidence that his products were being properly QA’d at each stage and that his customers would be happy at the end.

The Results

It’s no secret that Maurice’s 3.5-star rating jumping to 4.7 directly correlates to implementing Movley to run his entire product inspection process.

But that's not all. Maurice and his team were able to recoup over $1 million in revenue from incorporating consistent, predictable product inspections, significant recovery in sales.

Movley’s sturdy foundation has created sustained business growth for Maurice on the supplier side, and the trust he’s developed with our team has enabled him to focus on what matters most for his business.

“Movley genuinely cares about my customer’s happiness. And if my customers are happy, I’m happy.”

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