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Modern Quality Control for Retail Brands

Movley is the trusted quality control partner for eCommerce brands. Get a dedicated inspections team and end-to-end visibility with our platform.

What does bad quality control cost you?

of your returns.
The majority of returns are due to preventable quality issues.
Source: Return Logic ¹
of your inventory shrinkage.
Brands lose ~0.5% of revenue due to supplier fraud and quantity miscounts.
Source: Statista ²
of your negative reviews.
94% of customers have avoided making a past purchase due to a bad review.
Source: Management Org ³
Brand Reputation Damage
It takes 40 positive reviews to outweigh the damage of 1 negative review.
Source: Inc Magazine ⁴


Discover Movley's Quality Control Platform

Book quality control services, review inspection checklists, and setup automatic inspections for new orders.

Store Product Assets
Consolidate product specs, images, and documents in one secure location.
Automated Bookings
We help you identify and address quality issues before they reach your customers.
Track Purchase Orders
Monitor order status, manage approvals, and streamline communication in real-time.
Integration with Amazon and Shopify
Effortlessly sync inventory, product data, and orders with your leading e-commerce platforms.

Best-in-Class Inspections for eCommerce Brands

We stop supplier mistakes from making it to customers, protecting your brand from negative reviews and bad customer experiences.

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Use our proprietary free tool to review your entire history of Amazon customer reviews and highlight potential quality issues in your product.

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