Movley AI-Driven Returns Benchmarking

Movley connects with your Amazon & Shopify storefronts, analyzes your products with AI, and benchmarks your SKUs to similar products from your peers.

What Data You Get:

Movley magically tracks your production status with your manufacturers and manages your quality inspections

Shopify & Amazon Data Comparison

Category & Product Type Benchmarks

Return Rate Distribution Chart

Monthly Benchmark Refresh

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Why Use Movley Benchmarking?

Use Movley data to understand where to optimize and improve your D2C operations to improve profitability.


Movley uses AI to analyze your products to find similar products from your peers for product-level benchmarks.

Monthly Refreshes

We update our population data every month so your benchmarks are always up to date.

Storefront Specific

Movley analyzes data across both Amazon and Shopify including a comparison.

Distribution Charts

See the full population distribution for all of your products.

Sneak Peak Under The Hood

Imagine this level of data on each of your products.

$6M/yr Amazon seller

I’ve been through many inspection companies. They don’t really care about your products, and you don’t really have a team to speak to. You’re also not getting process and checklist suggestions. Now our listing is 4.7 stars…We couldn’t have done it without Movley.

Nausheen Rozar
Head of Supply Chain at Prepared Hero.

Movley's been a real eye-opener for us, spotting a bunch of stuff our suppliers just walked by. With Movley, it's different; they've helped us make some big changes to our lineup. They're worth more than what we pay, for sure. Huge shoutout to them!

Aidan Tropiano
Founder at The Mindful Collective.

Movley has been indispensable in detecting numerous oversights by our suppliers, prompting us to make significant enhancements to our products. Their attention to detail has led to marked improvements in quality and customer satisfaction.

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