Managed quality control for modern brands

Movley gives you a managed service for the cost of a typical product inspection. We combine powerful software and dedicated experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, and control over your product quality.
Our Service Model

Get Your Own Dedicated Customer Service Pod

Your Team Includes:
Inspection Specialists

Your core team of customer service specialists. They’ll answer your questions on every quality control booking as you need them and make sure things are done right.

Account Manager

For high-level questions & direction, you’re account manager is here to make sure your Movley experience is smooth and fantastic.

Your Extended Team:
Local Translators

For each geographic location, your local translator will help our internal team navigate communication challenges and resolve problems.

Quality Engineers

Our engineers come from leading, well-known consumer brands and help your service pod define and improve quality process overtime.

Our Tech

With our powerful software, we’re able to give you a managed quality control service for the same price.

What do you see?
Track Everything in One Platform
Coming Soon

Get the visibility you need to take back control of your quality control. See all your bookings in one platform, with visual alerts and personal updates from your dedicated team.

Get Insights & Recommendations
Coming Soon

We collect data on the most common defects and problems across millions of customer reviews & returns. Using AI, we identify the most common problems for each product type to optimize your quality control process.

Automate Your Quality Control
Coming Soon

We integrate with your inventory & supplier management software to automatically pull purchase orders and book services. Set high-level spend and budgeting controls, so you can set it and forget it.

Integrate with your Storefronts
Coming Soon

Connect all your marketplaces to Movley so we can pull all your customer data in one place. Add products easily to the Movley platform by pulling product details in automatically.

Advanced Benchmarking Data
Coming Soon

Be informed on what’s normal and what’s not when working with your suppliers. We use data from doing tens of thousands of inspections to give you detailed benchmarks on performance relative to the industry.

Coming Soon
The AI Behind the Scenes

We are building an engine that uses artificial intelligence & machine learning with our vast troves of data to truly optimize for best in-class quality control.

Inspector Benchmarking

For on-site inspections & audits, our AI engine compares individual inspector performance to tens of industry benchmarks including customer reviews. We know the best inspector for each product category & type.

Bad Inspector Detection

Our benchmarking data allows us to identify bad actors quickly and remove them from our platform.

Inspector Matching

On-site inspections are only as good as the inspectors who do them. We connect you with the best one for every request.

Transparent Pricing

We use data from doing tens of thousands of inspections to calculate the exact time each inspection should take.

Reasonable Inspector Time Quotas

We ensure our inspectors have enough time to properly do their inspection, but not too much.

Pricing Guarantee

Accurate time estimations allow us to cap your spend based on our quote, but credit you for unused time (on a per day basis).

Connect with our team to get started

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