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More effective inspections for paper cups to electronics.

Why traditional
inspections don’t work

01Unreasonable Time Quotas

at traditional inspections

Most companies give a flat quote, and put unachievable quotas on their inspectors, asking them to do 2-3 eight hour inspections a day including transportation between factories. Inspectors are held to the honor system and often forge results and only spend 1-2 hours per inspection.

at movley

We use REAL, estimated inspection times based on your product, sample size, testing requirements. Therefore, simple products cost less to inspect than more complex products. There is no one size fits all. Inspectors are given reasonable time quotas, and aren’t overbooked.

02Fraud & Bribery

03Only a Visual Check

04Miscommunication & Bad Translation

05Untrained Inspectors

Our thorough
inspection process

See why our process makes us different.

  • Movley
  • Other companies


new customers: talk with an expert

Speak and email with an inspections expert anytime. For on-going inspections, our operations team is more than equipped to answer your most pressing questions.

extensive product questionnaire

Although a little lengthy, we collect a lot of information on your supplier, product, specifications, product tests (if you know any), quantity, pricing, and other information.

expert recommendations

Our native English-speaking operations team go through your product and make recommendations on tests, sample size, defect limits, and more! Choose which ones you’d like to use.

multiple quotes provided

We send you back multiple quotes based on different options. Choose the one that best fits your product risk tolerance (i.e. simple or more thorough) and budget.

invoice sent

We send you an invoice and begin the inspection process after payment.

final confirmation

Our operations team confirms a date with your factory and then brief the inspector on all your specifications and requirements. If there is any confusion, we review and clarify with the inspector, or ask you for more information.

the inspection

Our inspector visits your factory and conducts the inspection according to your specifications and our process. If there are any problems, they work hand-in-hand with our internal operations team including translation.

report sent

Our operations team databases your inspection results for quality control internally. We ensure the inspection was done correctly, review the report, improve language, fill in missing details if any, and then send the report to you.

Other companies

invoice sent

You get the standard flat-price quote regardless of shipment and testing details.

collect basic information

You’re asked very basic questions about your product like quantity, name, and type. Usually this is not enough to do much of an inspection, and you’re relying on the inspector’s whim to fill in the gaps.

sent to inspector

Your product and supplier information is sent to the inspector. The inspector books and a time with your factory and conducts the inspection.

report sent from inspector

Your inspector prepares a report and sends it to you via the company’s group email.

Why Movley is better

Our staff
Regional sales & management

Our sales and account management teams operate in the United States and Canada. You’ll be able to pick up the phone and call, or email anytime to chat. They provide you high-level account support.

Native English back office

Our backoffice is located Philippines. It is cheaper than a fully Chinese backoffice and can speak and write English natively. That means higher-quality communication, no broken English or interpretation issues, and lower costs for you. We make sure things get done properly.

Local operational specialists

Our Philippines team works hand-in-hand with our local specialists in each country we operate. Our specialists are highly-educated & trained supply-chain experts. They work with inspectors to ensure proper execution, run auditing, and translate requirements if necessary.

Highly trained inspectors

Our inspectors undergo training before every inspection in best practices, proper process, and a number of ISO specifications. We only work with highly-experienced inspectors that go through a rigorous onboarding training. Inspectors are regularly audited and closely monitored using our internal tech platform.

Our recommendations

Movley provides sample size and testing recommendations to ensure that your inspection is structured to produce high-quality products.

Sample sizes

Based on your sales channels and product costs, we'll recommend a sample size using our statistical data model. That means a more effective inspection testing less units.

Product tests

In addition to visual inspections, Movley uses product tests to give you an opportunity to test your product like you are there yourself. We'll provide suggested tests for your new products.

Our reports

Movley provides reports with a factory overview, a step-by-step explanation of the production process, and hundreds of photos and videos that show you what’s happening on the production floor.

Factory overview

Standard with all reports, our factory overviews are 2% of our factory audits and give you a load of insights to keep a pulse on your supplier. Compare this to inspection companies with no factory overview, or with basic info.

Other companies
  • supplier name
  • location
  • contact info
  • factory building pictures
  • supplier name
  • location
  • contact info
  • annual revenue
  • employee breakdown by department
  • business license
  • main product lines & monthly production
  • major customers
  • founding date
  • factory size
  • production area pictures
  • factory building pictures
  • walkthrough video

Videos of tests

Our inspectors record videos of all product tests and a walk-around of your supplier (with the supplier’s permission). Included with all inspections, because a video is worth 30 pictures a second.

Detailed reports

Our inspection reports average over 40 pages. They’re organized into parts, and clearly present all data collected in the inspection alongside pictures and video details.

Extensive photography

We take a lot of photos, often so many that we include an extra pictures folder not included in your PDF report.

Our pricing

When booking an inspection, Movley considers the number of samples to be checked, and the amount of time your required tests take. We then determine how many days the inspection will take. Our cost is all-inclusive, meaning no hidden fees. Any product can be inspected within 1 day if needed.

Credit for unused days

If your inspection takes less time then allotted, you will be credited any extra full days for future use.

full day
  • Customizable (only what you need)
  • Credit for unused days
  • Discounts possible based on volume
  • Meals & accommodation included
  • Transportation costs included
  • Native English operations support

Cost comparison: Movley vs. other companies

Frequently Asked Questions

My factory recommended an inspection company?

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.

My factory said they should do their own inspections?

All factories should be doing their own quality inspections during production. Movley exists because most of the time those checks are not thorough and do not check for your requirements.

Is it better to go to a factory or separate warehouse?

Only freight companies do inspections at their own warehouse. Inspection companies go physically to the factory. Freight companies make more money when your order passes which is why they make you pay your supplier before they get it. By the time you get results, you’ve lost your monetary leverage even if something bad gets found. They are also a shipping company, and do not conduct inspection to best practices including statistical sample sizes. When doing inspections at the factory, we also have access to their machines, a product expert (your sales rep), and additional help to speed up the process.

Why not use a Chinese inspection company?

Check out our page Why Movley for more information. Not only do you have miscommunication, broken English, and bad inspection process, but also they are not bound by laws, agreements, or confidentiality.

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