Catch bad products so your
customers don’t have to

Used Every Order: Inspections are used by all Fortune 500 companies, and most sellers at least once every order.

Warranty Claims & Returns: Catch issues proactively to prevent losing money with warranty claims and returns

Reputation: Protect your brand from loosing customers, and getting negative reviews.

The true costs of your bad products

It’s not just the product cost, you’re loosing a lot more. Use our interactive calculator to find out.

Additional inputs
total expenses incurred per year


Movley Inspection Cost: $302
bad product action step

80% refunded order

20% product replacement

More details
  • product replacementS $48,000
  • refunded orders $48,000
  • Customer Service $48,000
  • PROFIT From LOST Sales $48,000
  • brand damage Not measurable

Payment protection plans exposed

Payment protection services are not designed to be your first or only line of defense. Here are some common fail points.

Why payment protection doesn't
work in manufacturing

Vague Specifications

Most payment protection services require exact product specifications down to the production steps. If the exact specifications were not provided in the contract, you may not be covered even if the supplier produces a product different from the sample.

Small Defects Overlooked

Small defects or subtle product differences may not constitute a bad order, and may not be covered (i.e. slight product thickness variance). These issues can be caught with a good inspection before sending final payments.

Favor Recipients

By the time a case is filed after shipment, the funds have usually already been released within a few days or weeks of payment. As a result, your provider is inclined to side with recipients over recovering funds or paying out of pocket.

Proof of Problems

If you receive a different quantity or damaged products, your payment protection provider may need proof before shipment (i.e. one of our inspection reports) or blatantly bad products on arrival to grant your claim. Otherwise, you might be out of luck.

Require Full Payment in Advance

Some payment protection services require the full payment of your entire order in-advance. This eliminates all your leverage in the order and suppliers are unlikely to fix issues when they can win a payment dispute with the provider.

Second Line of Defense

Payment protection services can still be used, but should not be used as a first or only line of defense. In addition to good sourcing and supplier auditing practices, like most other brands, you should use inspections every order to check your products.

Don’t take our word for it!

Check out these reviews we found with a quick Facebook search.

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THE target customers

For brands and
Amazon Sellers

Win that Buy Box and Best Seller Badge

Be on top of the search results without spending a ton on ads.

Amazon search algorithms automatically return results according to rank=purchaces=good reviews=good quality products

Maintain good reviews

Reduce negative reviews, bad publicity, and brand damage

Minimize returns and warranty claims

Prevent damaged products and defective on delivery products from reach customers.

Post-sale complaints can hit your bottom-line for months and sometimes years. Catch bad units before they go on sale.

Prevent shipment rejection

Retailers and warehouses can reject your shipment due to bad quality or improper labeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

My factory recommended an inspection company?

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.

My factory said they should do their own inspections?

All factories should be doing their own quality inspections during production. Movley exists because most of the time those checks are not thorough and do not check for your requirements.

Is it better to go to a factory or separate warehouse?

Only freight companies do inspections at their own warehouse. Inspection companies go physically to the factory. Freight companies make more money when your order passes which is why they make you pay your supplier before they get it. By the time you get results, you’ve lost your monetary leverage even if something bad gets found. They are also a shipping company, and do not conduct inspection to best practices including statistical sample sizes. When doing inspections at the factory, we also have access to their machines, a product expert (your sales rep), and additional help to speed up the process.

Why not use a Chinese inspection company?

Check out our page Why Movley for more information. Not only do you have miscommunication, broken English, and bad inspection process, but also they are not bound by laws, agreements, or confidentiality.

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