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Bad Quality Control Destroys Your Business

20-30%+ Sales Crash

For every 0.5-star rating decline from negative reviews, you will loose 20-30% of your sales. The only fix is to relaunch your product.

High Return Rate Warnings

Amazon will flag and notify your shoppers if your listing has a high return rate.

Storefront Account Suspension

Amazon will suspend your account for select defects (e.g., mis-packed products, bad packaging, etc.).

Returns Eat Up 20% of Profits

Add in lost profit, returns processing costs, product costs, storage, etc. and returns can easily cost you more than 20% of your profits.

Permanent Exit Valuation Impact

Your business value is your biggest asset. Bad quality affects valuations even years later and lowers exit multiples.

Reduce Your Risk

Scary enough? Get our inspections guide to see how you can prepare.

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Quality Does Not Stay Consistent

Quality Changes Overtime

Even if your first few orders are good, your factory is changing all the time and so will quality.

What Changes?
  • Production Lines
  • Production Line Workers
  • R&D Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Control Staff
  • Raw Materials
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Sales Staff
Top Brands Have QC Issues Too

Apple regularly runs into QC problems with Foxconn from simple problems like color inconsistencies to more complex ones.

If a company with unlimited resources & leverage has issues, imagine the risks you face with your supplier.

Have a “Simple” Product?

We’ve heard countless stories from sellers. Even simple products with simple issues can be catastrophic for your brand.

For example, a long-time Amazon seller making keychains had one improperly labeled order sent to FBA which almost resulted in account suspension.

Thinking of Skipping Inspections?

The best brands do inspections every order (no matter how small or large). They don’t gamble with their business every order.

One Bad Order Pays for All Your Inspections For Years

Even catching one bad batch of products pays for all your inspections for several years. Just like insurance, you don’t want to be left holding the bag when something goes wrong.

See It For Yourself

Your business is worth more than the cost of an inspection. Calculate the risk you’re avoiding and the amount of money you save per order when you don’t skip inspections!

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One bad order pays for 1.125 years of inspections!

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When To Do Inspections?

Inspections should be done on every order. If you are a very, very large seller doing monthly orders with a supplier, you may be able to get away doing it every other order, but even our biggest customers say it’s just not worth the risk because inspections are cheap.

Inspections Are Cheap

A $300/inspection on even a $5,000 order (including freight) is only a few cents on the dollar, let alone a $15k, $30k, or larger order. Inspections are budgeted into the landed cost, just like freight.

Most Inspections Don’t Work. Why?

Inspections typically catch the most obvious problems, but most other problems don’t get caught until your customers report them, and by then it’s too late. Why?

Inspectors Don’t Know What to Do

Most inspection companies send an inspector with no directions. Even the best inspector is not an engineer, and even if they were, you can’t expect them to come up with all the checks & tests for every product feature on the spot. And even then, do they have the necessary experience?

“Simple” Products Need Tests Too

Even the most basic products need checks & tests too such as making sure your logo doesn’t wipe off, materials are right, or packaging/product drop tests to make sure your product doesn’t fall apart in transit.

Inspectors Don’t Do a Good Job

Your inspectors are humans too. Were they feeling lazy that day and only checked half the units they were supposed to, and then go home early? There’s no way for you to know. Many companies give inspectors unreasonable time quotas. Why should they bother doing a good inspection if management doesn’t care?

Not Designed for Online Sellers

Traditional inspection companies were founded 100 years ago for brick-and-mortar buyers, many with established supply-chain expertise. A bad order for them means a slap on the wrist, not account suspension.

Movley Inspections Actually Work

We give you a full-service quality control team for the cost of an inspection

Built for Online Sellers, by Sellers

As a team of former 6, 7, and 8-figure sellers, we created Movley out of necessity. Even with great relationships with our suppliers and passed inspections, our customers were still receiving products with defects.

All-in-One Platform

Store all your products & details in our platform along with customizable testing instructions. Booking inspections is as easy as selecting your products, entering the number of units, and hitting book. We’ll take care of the rest!

Insights & Recommendations

Our team takes the time to truly understand your product, materials, and features to come up with the right testing requirements from our library and industry best practices. We have quality engineers on-staff, and our data gets better every day.

Dedicated Customer Service Pod

Every customer we work gets a dedicated pod of inspection specialists, an account manager, on-the-ground translation support, and QC engineers that compete internally to provide the best inspections.

Pricing is Flexible

Simple products cost less to inspect than more complex ones with more detailed checks and tests. We’ll help you build an inspection that fits your risk level and budget. Connect with us to chat more.

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