Real-Time Quoting

As you enter in your product tests, change your sample size, and
enter your product information, the Movley Portal will
automatically adjust the pricing. You’ll be able to realize pricing
changes by individual tests and see what’s driving up costs.

Intelligent Recommendations

Our Portal automatically recommends a sample size based on your production quantity, unit price, risk tolerance, and sales channel (I.e. Amazon, brick-and-mortar, etc.) We also automatically recommend standard tests and unit quantities to lower costs and maximize savings.


Pre-built & Saved Checklists

Access our pre-made checklists for a number of product types and industries to use as a baseline. Simply import them into any inspection, and then make changes as you would like. If you’d like to use the checklist again, you can even save it on your account.

Product Lists & Testing Checklists

Store all of your products in our portal along with any number of testing checklists. When booking you inspection, simply choose the products you want to inspect and import your pre-saved checklist from a previous inspection. Booking an inspection for your product will only take a few seconds.


Supplier Directory

All of your suppliers, facility locations, and contact names are stored within our portal. No need to re-enter your supplier information each inspection.

Uniquely Adapts to Each Product

Whether you have a gift box with 3 components, or a simple product, the Movley Portal is designed to adapt to each product and industry automatically as every product is unique. That means custom questions for your products, a different quoting mechanism, or different recommendations.