Managed Product Inspections For The Same Cost

We’ll help you setup your inspections, find the best inspector for your product, and give you a dedicated customer service team. All for the same cost as a typical inspection using our powerful software.
Our Process

Our Managed Inspection Service Saves You Time & Money

You can go online and search for a China inspection company and find thousands of competitors. Movley’s managed product inspections give you a lot more at the same cost, whether you are making paper cups or electronics (and everything between).

  • 1. Add Your Products

    Tell us about your product, your concerns, and what you would like us to check for.

  • 2. Insights & Recommendations

    Get suggested product tests and defects to check from using our data.

  • 3. Build Your Quote

    Get our spend recommendations based on best practices or build your own custom quote.

  • 4. Book Your Inspection

    Let Movley do the heavy lifting! We’ll find the best inspector for your product and get it done right.

  • 5. Get Your Results

    Receive a detailed report with photos, videos, and tons of details on your inspection & results.

  • 6. Improve Your Process

    As we learn more about your product, you’ll get better insights & recommendations from us overtime.

Our Service Model

Get Your Own Dedicated Customer Service Pod

Your Team Includes:
Inspection Specialists

Your core team of customer service specialists. They’ll answer your questions on every quality control booking as you need them and make sure things are done right.

Account Manager

For high-level questions & direction, you’re account manager is here to make sure your Movley experience is smooth and fantastic.

Your Extended Team:
Local Translators

For each geographic location, your local translator will help our internal team navigate communication challenges and resolve problems.

Quality Engineers

Our engineers come from leading, well-known consumer brands and help your service pod define and improve quality process overtime.

Insights & Recommendations

Analyze Reviews & Returns

We’re building the tech to analyze millions of data points over time across all our customers to build a better QC process.

Get Better Every Inspection

We leverage our insights & experience from thousands of inspections in every product category.

Process Recommendations

Informed by our dedicated quality engineering team with decades of experience working for leading brands.

Inspections Meet Industry Standards

Industry Best Practices

We apply best quality control practices from leading consumer brands.

Engineer Informed Testing

Our quality control process is designed by our dedicated team of engineers.

Customizable Process

Define your own tests and process for your inspector to follow.

Detailed, Clear Reporting with an Insider View

Comprehensive Reporting

Our reports include hundreds to thousands of photos, videos of each test, and a detailed PDF report to show you exactly how the inspection was done.

Factory Overview

We take a pulse on your factory with every order including employee counts, departments, and product lines included free of charge.

Digital Reports
Coming Soon

Instead of long PDF, get an easier to navigate report with more data in our platform.

Our pricing is flexible and customizable to fit any budget.

We charge a fixed, all-inclusive price by the man-day. Many inspections just take a day.
  • Movley Product Inspections


  • Access to our Platform

  • Process Insights & Recommendations

  • Dedicated Customer Service Pod

  • Guaranteed Pricing

Spending Recommendations

We’ll recommend estimated time & best practices based on our extensive database of inspections.

Build Your Own Quote

Choose from our pre-built quotes, or build your own to fit your budget.

Guaranteed Pricing

We’ll cap your spend based on our quote, but we’ll credit you for unused time (on a per day basis).

“I’d rather pay more knowing I can trust my inspection results and take action than save $100 and risk my entire business every order.”

Amy Wees

Amazing at Home

Why Choose Movley?

At Movley, we do a lot more than just inspections
Cut Rate Providers

Low-cost inspection providers, freight cos, & sourcing agents


Per Day Cost
Inspector Labor
  • Untrained, Underpaid Inspectors
  • Bad English & Miscommunication
  • High Risk of Fraud
Traditional Providers

Well-known providers, usually built to serve large consumer brands


Per Day Cost
Training & Audit
Inspector Labor
  • Well-Trained, Paid Inspectors
  • Standard ‘Off-the-Shelf’ Reports
  • No Insights or Recommendations

Managed inspections for marketplace sellers


Per Day Cost
Service Pod
Training & Audit
Inspector Labor
  • Well-Trained, Paid Inspectors
  • English-Speaking Service Pod
  • Tailored Insights & Recs
  • Detailed Reporting

Connect with our team to get started

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