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“Inspections are useless, but they
are better than doing nothing”

– Random guys at a conference

Movley was founded by Sajag Agarwal after his e-commerce brand startup had issues with fraud and bad quality control. Despite well-engineered products, passed inspections, good factories, and good process, Sajag faced brutal worsening quality issues.

In 2017, he moved to China visiting factories every day and doing his own inspections. Sajag discovered that good inspections would have identified almost all of his manufacturing defects before shipment. However, nearly all inspections were systematically designed to pass bad products:

Our goal is to help brands build products and keep their supply-chains moving.


With the help of his local team, Sajag discovered that
most inspections were ineffective because of:


Bad Process

Traditional inspection companies only visually check the sample size. Function, safety, and wear and tear tests are not done at all and if so only tested on 1-3 units making it insignificant. Companies also leave testing criteria and tests to individual inspectors which is extremely unreliable and inconsistent.


Bad Training

To make things worse, the same inspectors that you financially bet on with your entire order are usually not trained properly. For example, they might not randomly pick units from multiple cartons, but rather test units all from one carton up front which could be all from one batch.


Fraud & Bribery

Inspection Companies put unachievable quotas on their inspectors, asking them to do 2-3 eight hour inspections a day. Inspectors are held to the honor system and often forge results to only spend 1-2 hours per inspection.


Communication Issues

When working in multiple languages, specifications and tests include slangs and can be confusing. Inspectors and management that already can’t speak English, interpret the criteria incorrectly.


No Visibility & Bad Reports

Bad inspections wouldn’t be so bad if you knew which ones were done wrong. However, almost all inspection companies only include a short report in broken English listing defects and a few pictures. They don’t show you how the tests were done or provide clear results.


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