Product inspections for ecommerce sellers.

Prevent returns and bad customer reviews with highly effective inspections for everything from simple paper cups to complex electronics.

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Better inspections for your
production orders.

Online sellers have it way harder: product reviews, easier warranty claims, & more returns. At Movley, we’ve designed a completely new inspection process to give you more visibility into your product before it leaves the factory. Inspections should factored into your product costs, and should be done with every production order.

Why Movley

English Speaking Team: Facilitates easy communication and no confusing, broken English.

Recommendations: Expert advice on every inspection for product testing and sample size.

Production Line Check: Standard on all during production inspections, with photos and a walk-through video.

Modular Pricing: No unreasonable inspector time quotas. Times are pre-estimated, and you pay less to inspect simple products.

Comprehensive Reports: Average of 40+ pages standard with hundreds of photos, handful of videos, production documentation, and a brief factory overview to keep a pulse on your supplier.


Customizable Process: Be there yourself

Our process is flexible and you can define exactly what you’d like us to do. It’s like you are physically
at the factory yourself, inspecting your own goods.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

My factory recommended an inspection company?

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.

My factory said they should do their own inspections?

All factories should be doing their own quality inspections during production. Movley exists because most of the time those checks are not thorough and do not check for your requirements.

Is it better to go to a factory or separate warehouse?

Only freight companies do inspections at their own warehouse. Inspection companies go physically to the factory. Freight companies make more money when your order passes which is why they make you pay your supplier before they get it. By the time you get results, you’ve lost your monetary leverage even if something bad gets found. They are also a shipping company, and do not conduct inspection to best practices including statistical sample sizes. When doing inspections at the factory, we also have access to their machines, a product expert (your sales rep), and additional help to speed up the process.

Why not use a Chinese inspection company?

Check out our page Why Movley for more information. Not only do you have miscommunication, broken English, and bad inspection process, but also they are not bound by laws, agreements, or confidentiality.

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