Thorough, Transparent, and Reliable Inspections

Your inspection is modular, and can be customized for exactly what you want to look for. Simple inspections are quicker and cost less to than more complex ones.


Your inspection experience

Our highly trained inspectors visit your factory and check your products' designated sample size to ensure they meet your specifications. Inspections can be done during production and before every shipment. We send a comprehensive report to you upon the completion of every check for your review.

The process

New Customers: Connect with an inspections expert

Our inspections expert will give you actionable tips to get the most of our services, answer you questions, and get you setup to book inspections whenever you need.


Fill our booking form

To ensure we meet your company’s needs, you’ll have to answer a list of easy questions about your product and supplier – including identifying characteristics and what you want us to look for.


Choose from our recommendations

Based on your information, we will recommend a sample size, product tests, defect limits, and more to ensure that your product is of the highest quality possible.


Choose from Multiple Quotes

We take things from here! There’s a lot that goes on during this process, but simply put, we schedule a date with your factory and conduct the inspection.


Invoice Sent

Our team works with your inspector and sends a comprehensive report with photos, videos, and other information for you to review.



Our team works with your factory directly to select a date. We coordinate logistics including accomodation, while you sit back and let us do what we do best.


The Inspection

Our inspector goes to your factory and conducts the inspection. He or she will take extensive photos and videos, and prepare a report. The report is then verified by our central operations team before it’s sent to you.


Report Sent

Our team gives you a comprehensive report that has a factory overview and a step-by-step guide as to how your product is produced. Visual documentation is also provided for your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

My factory recommended an inspection company?

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.

My factory said they should do their own inspections?

All factories should be doing their own quality inspections during production. Movley exists because most of the time those checks are not thorough and do not check for your requirements.

Is it better to go to a factory or separate warehouse?

Only freight companies do inspections at their own warehouse. Inspection companies go physically to the factory. Freight companies make more money when your order passes which is why they make you pay your supplier before they get it. By the time you get results, you’ve lost your monetary leverage even if something bad gets found. They are also a shipping company, and do not conduct inspection to best practices including statistical sample sizes. When doing inspections at the factory, we also have access to their machines, a product expert (your sales rep), and additional help to speed up the process.

Why not use a Chinese inspection company?

Check out our page Why Movley for more information. Not only do you have miscommunication, broken English, and bad inspection process, but also they are not bound by laws, agreements, or confidentiality.

The process

Customizable inspections

Our inspections can be customized to be low-cost and straightforward for simple products. It can also be more thorough and complex, especially when dealing with electrical and mechanical products.

Standard CHECKs
General specification

Basic product and packaging specifications including size, weight, and color.

Visual check

In-depth visual check of the entire sample size for labeling, visible defects, color inaccuracies, and lousy packaging.

Shipping cartons

Check carton and pallet labeling, ensure cartons are durable for shipping (carton drop tests), etc.


Approximate order quantity verification based on carton weights and count.

Production Line Check

Standard on during production inspections. We’ll document the active production line with a breakdown of each step and a video.

OPTIONAL tests (Complex Products)
Function tests

Pre-defined tests that confirm that the product functions as intended (i.e. plug in a lamp).

Safety tests

For products with specific safety standards (i.e. electronic tests, or even checking a pot’s weight bearing capacity).

Wear & tear tests

Simulated wear and tear and abuse testing to simulate customer use and ensure your products are built to last.

Reference sample comparison

Ship us your reference samples, and we can compare them to the manufactured product. Get the exact color, texture, or feel you ordered.

Reference Sample Services

Sample comparison

Ship your product samples to our team. We then compare your sample and the manufactured product side-by-side to ensure they meet the same quality criteria.

Sample collection

Need production-grade units for marketing or want to see defective units first-hand? Our inspectors can pick specified units at the end your inspection and ship them to you.

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