How to vet your Chinese suppliers, increase your margins, and negotiate.

Ever wondered how the experts always find great vendors and great prices? Join our CEO to learn some of our sneaky tricks and apply them to your own research.

By Movley - June 13, 2018


After This Webinar You Will…

1. Be able to successfully vet your suppliers more efficiently

2. Be able to negotiate better prices and effectively increase your margins.

3. Understand the various moving gears that go into supply-chain from sourcing to production and avoid falling into the trap of misconceptions that are attached to Chinese manufacturing.

The Best Tips You’ll Find In This Webinar:

Secret #1: How the experts vet Chinese suppliers We’ll talk about some of the techniques we use to find the golden nugget of Chinese vendors.

Secret #2: Identifying compatible vendors You need a cooperative supplier with good communication for an effective relationship. We’ll uncover techniques to finding compatible vendors.

Secret #3: Negotiating post-purchase terms like a pro

There’s more to it than just price. We’ll talk about how the pros negotiate to bring up their margins, and terms that can be negotiated excluding just price.

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