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Lessons from 10 Years in the Amazon Trenches

Real Advice From A Real Amazon Seller     Running a business is a great metaphor for life – or maybe the two simply coincide. There are a multitude of trials, tribulations, and achievements. But if you keep a positive attitude, keep your head about you, and don’t mind putting in the hard work, the trials are often replaced with triumphs.     My name is Brendon Fields. I’m a 10-year Amazon […]

Spiking China Shipping Costs Lead to A Need for Better Product Inspections

Contingent on your ideology (and even political background), vaccines and masks help in the protection of the COVID virus. But what is helping protect the soaring and debilitating costs associated with shipping products from China to America?    Shipping Costs for Amazon Sellers, Ecommerce Merchants, and Brick-and-Mortar Stores      Container shipping rates from China to the United States […]

Understanding Product Inspections to Safeguard Your Business

Video Highlights Amazon and E-commerce Sellers are at a disadvantage being physically, mentally, and emotionally removed from supply-chain logistics – particularly regarding quality control over their products. McClain Warren, content and marketing manager at Movley joins WAPI to discuss why poorly-implemented product inspections can jeopardize your business, both short-term and long-term. (And what you can […]