The Cost of Poor Inspections

If you're a brand owner that has products manufactured in China, then you're taking huge risks without conducting quality inspections. Movley product inspections give you piece of mind and protection from quality defects that end up costing you in a multitude of ways.

Our founder, Sajag Agarwal, has firsthand experience with the negative impact that poor quality products can have on a brand. It's how Movley was ultimately founded. He was a brand owner himself and ran a successful business manufacturing products out of China. Everything was going smoothly until a batch was made with critical defects. His inspector followed poor practices, cut corners, and the defects went unnoticed until it was too late. The failure rate was enormous and the mass quantity of returns and warranty claims ended up forcing the business to close.

Sajag and Movley created a better way, while helping protect you from such catastrophic events. Our comprehensive inspection process proactively spots quality issues before they have a chance to leave the factory. By addressing them early, more costly problems can be avoided down the line.

Grow Your Brand

Improve Your Relationships - Defective products hurt your brand's image. Prospective customers will see the negative reviews and retailers won't want to carry your goods. Movley inspections ensure you're getting quality products that satisfy customers, reduce complaints and bad publicity, and build trust with retailers.

Verify Labeling & Packaging - We check your product's labeling and packaging to make sure it meets your requirements. Packaging defects hurt your credibility and reduce trust in your brand.

Minimize Returns - Returns result in increased costs for the wholesaler. Retailers can end up returning parts for replacement, accepting them but only with a discount from you, or rejecting the delivery altogether. Movley helps minimize returns and maximize profits for you and your retailers.

Customized Solutions Made Easy

Simple & Easy Process - We have a passion for simplification and were determined to create a process that made the quality inspection process easy for anyone manufacturing in China. No one else had a system that met our requirements, so we used the latest tech to build one from scratch. Our Inspection Portal works in conjunction with our streamlined process to make inspections easier and more comprehensive than ever.

On-Call Inspection Experts - Manufacturing in China can be challenging ordeal with difficult processes, poor communication, and a lack of accurate information. Movley has changed all of that and made it easy, with your own personal support team capable of helping you from beginning to end with even the tiniest details. Our supply chain experts have decades of experience working with both factories in China and the businesses they serve. We'll guide you better than anyone and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Powerful Technology - The Movley Inspection Portal brings a complete quality control platform to your screen. It makes it easy to customize your inspection and tests according to the unique requirements of your product. Log on and book inspections fast with intelligent recommendations that maximize both your product inspection and your budget. All of the data we collect is easily accessible, with extensive data, reports, photos, and videos. Movley brings the factory to you.

Comprehensive & Configurable

Our quality inspections are the most thorough in the industry. Our inspectors are required to have a minimum of five years experience, and we train them ourselves on our own stringent processes and procedures. We also perform regular audits to ensure that their inspections meet our extremely high standards.

Movley performs both During Production and Pre-Shipment Inspections. Our inspection services are easy to configure and customize via our Inspection Portal. We can perform a full of array of different checks so you can get a tailored inspection solution that makes the most of your budget.

Hardline & Softline Solutions

Movley is built to handle both hardlines and softlines. Our team re-invented the inspection process and made it completely scalable and configurable. We have a comprehensive inspection solution for you, regardless of your product type:

Hard Goods:
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Eyewear
  • Furniture
  • Gifts & Premiums
  • Home & Garden
  • Industrial & Construction
  • Jewelry
  • Printing & Packing
  • Sports & Equipment
  • Toys & Recreational Items
Soft Goods:
  • Footwear
  • Clothing
  • Plush Toys
  • Textiles and Fabrics