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Be Part of Movley as an Affiliate

Anyone with an online presence can join Movley’s affiliate program. If your brand is focused on eCommerce, supply chain, or manufacturing – the higher the chances of you earning more passive income.

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What are the benefits?

Industry leading payouts

Movley pays out between 7-10% of referred revenue for inspections. No commission caps, obligations, or minimum commitments.

1-3 year per client

Most clients do inspections with every production order. We pay commissions for up to 3 years for each client account.

Content Marketing

Utilize our insights from working with thousands of brands and suppliers to deliver supply-chain content to your audience

How much can affiliates earn?

We estimate our smallest brands do around 4 inspections a year, or 1 per quarter.

At $302/day, that’s $3,624/3yr revenue or $241.60 per client at 10% commission over year 1 and 5% commission over year 2 & 3.



We estimate clients doing around $50-100k/mo in revenue do an average of 60 inspections a year, or 5 a month.

At $302/day, that’s $54,360/3yr or $3,624 per client at 10% commission over year 1 and 5% commission over year 2 & 3.

Our high-volume clients with hundreds of SKUs and more enterprise-grade revenues can span significantly higher with $100k+ yearly contracts.

Our audience

Nearly all Physical Product Brands manufacturing need inspections. Most Amazon & E-commerce Sellers need more thorough inspections to cope with increasing quality and customer review demands.

Whether you have a small audience of 5-10 clients or a large audience of tens of thousands of brands, our affiliate program has no caps and can earn you between $241.60-$3,624+ per client over 3 years based on the calculations above**.

50 small brands * $241.60


10 mid-size brands * $3,624


50 small brands and 10 mid-size brands total
($12,080 + $36,240)*


to your bottom line
or $1,342/month over 3 years

**The figures above are based on estimations and may not reflect real earnings. Earning results will differ depending on a variety of factors, may not be typical, and cannot be guaranteed. Commission percentages, client payout terms, customer pricing, and other variables are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis and those are not accounted for in the above numbers.

How does it work?



Add Movley to your toolkit on your YouTube or website, or refer clients directly using your custom affiliate link.


Client sign-up

Referred leads are tracked for 30-days on their original browser. Upon submitting any lead gen form, we record the lead source in our CRM.


We inspect

Our sales and account management teams take it from here! We’ll work with your clients 1-1 and begin booking inspections.



We send payouts at the end of the month for business done in the previous month to your Paypal.


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