What makes

Movely’s Affiliate

program different?

This isn’t just an affiliate program, this is a community for you to gain the best insights from us working with thousands of factories worldwide, and decades in overseas manufacturing, you can bring these insights to your audience and provide them with tremendous value! We want to be a thought leader in the supply chain space, We want to be a thought leader in the supply chain space to collaborate with you, creating the best educational content, in addition to this we make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed in this program.


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You can only move up, you will never move down tiers. Once a new tier is started, your commissions will accrue at the new
rate moving forwards for all clients.


Clients are estimated on 4 – 20 man days per year on average.


Calculations are based on inspection days at full price ($302). Discounted days will accrue proportionally. Man-days per client
are an estimation, and not a guarantee.

How much can you earn?

At a fixed price of $302 per man-day, an average small client will do 4 days of inspection per annum, whereas an average big client, with multiple suppliers will do upwards of 20 days of inspection per annum.

4 Days of Inspection

≈ $240

Lifetime Commission
Per Client

≈ $1200

Lifetime Commission
Per Client

(~10 Clients Is $12,000)

4 Days of Inspection

Your commission is calculated based on the amount of days
your clients do with us.

50 Days ~ 3-13 Clients!

1000 Days ~ 50-250 Clients!

If you’re interested – Let’s collaborate!

Bring us on to your webinar, podcast, or YouTube channel for an in-depth discussion about something supply-chain and inspections related or to answer your audience’s most pressing questions

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Epic Rewards and Discount

Earn additional rewards on top of your recurring commission.

Epic rewards can be reimbursed towards any experience of your choice including travel, AirBNB experiences.

Just send us 3 pictures of yourself enjoying the experience with a brief description so we can post it on social media, and we will credit you. You can also claim your reward in cash for a 25% reduction.

All referred clients get $25 off their first booking with us at all tiers.


Payouts happen at the end of the following month of which the inspection has been complete over Paypal for all affiliate commissions.

• No Minimum Payout

• End of the following month
• Send over Paypal or Check (Paypal Preferred)

The Future

Movley is not just about inspections, we’re working to constantly innovate and build new products to make it as easy, cheap, and reliable as possible to manufacture overseas for brands and sellers. With inspection innovation the plan is to include things like body cameras to all of our inspectors instead of random auditing for example. As Movley builds, not only will your audience get access to the best inspections in the industry, but also new, exciting products as they come out and additional commission will be added for those products.

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