Why Partner with Movley?

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Easy to Promote

Do you work with Amazon sellers, brands, or manufacturers? Promote Movley to your existing audience.

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The Best Inspections Period.

Movley’s inspection process has been custom designed by combined centuries of manufacturing experience.

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Reoccurring Commission

Manufacturing never stops. Our clients do multiple inspections every month so commissions don’t stop after the first.


How does the affiliate
program work?

  • We set you up with an affiliate link and coupon code.
  • You promote Movley services using the affiliate link or the coupon code.
  • When your referral references the coupon code or arrives through the link, we assign the code to their account automatically.
  • Your referral will receive 5% off their inspections for a full year.
  • You will receive uncapped commission (10% of revenue for all inspections booked) for a period of three year from when the referral signs up for an account.

How much can affiliates earn?

As a growing company, we are committed for the long-term value of each customer. Our
affiliate program is a loss-leader and we earn our money after the first-year promotion.

Commission structures depend on current promotions, promotion strategies, and payout
options (cash, account credit, etc.). Please reach out to [email protected] to
express your interest in the program.

Connect with us at:

[email protected]

To Get Started Today

Our Partners

Movley partners with trusted industry leaders in the global manufacturing an e-
commerce communities to empower businesses and optimize their quality inspection
management. We develop partnerships that create value for brands,wholesalers,and
Amazon sellers involved in global trade.

Ecomhub provides training and one-on-one consulting for Amazon sellers. Topics include finding new products, increasing sales, and advanced digital marketing strategies.

OFX offers global currency banking accounts and global payment transfer services. Combined with new technology, transferring money is easy, fast, and seamless.

Feedback Whiz provides advanced software to streamline the post-purchase experience for Amazon sellers including feedback managment and email automation.