Now doing inspections in China, India, and Vietnam

Built for Online Sellers, by Sellers

As a team of former 6, 7, and 8-figure sellers, we created Movley out of necessity. Even with great relationships with our suppliers and passed inspections, our customers were still receiving products with defects.


CEO & Co-Founder

Before founding Movley, Sajag previously built a $2M/yr marketplace brand on Amazon. He lived in China to manage his own quality control.


COO & Co-Founder

Prior to Movley, Mike managed operations, manufacturing, and Amazon marketplace sales at Ruggable, a leading venture-backed home goods brand.



Rafael previously led engineer at Withco, building software for the antiquated real estate industry. Before that, he was a Principal Engineer at VTS.


Head of Product

Jake, an Amazon seller, led SMB product at Jungle Scout (600,000 users). Before that, he built Downstream’s platform to acquisition. Ex-Amazon.

Making Quality Control Easy

Our Vision

Our vision is to make running great quality control as easy as clicking a few buttons. As former marketplace sellers, we’ve been in your shoes. Let Movley handle your quality control, so you can focus on doing what you do best – building your brand.

Our Technology

Powered by our software, we’ll use our data to help you setup the best in-class process, match you with the best inspectors and labs, and automate the on-going process. Sleep better knowing the quality of your products will be as expected.

Our Advisors & Backers

We are fortunate to be backed by leading instructions from around the world, and individuals with deep expertise across our focus areas.
Linda Xu

Ryan Gnesin

CEO & Co-Founder

Elevate Brands
Mo Usman

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Elevate Brands
Karan Gandhi

Head of Operations

Troy Johnston

M&A Advisor

Pearl Ausch


Tectonic Ventures

Early investors in Perch, Merama, Thrasio, and more

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Y Combinator

Summer 2023

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