Movley’s Unique Experience with E-Commerce Brands

Our founder Sajag ran a multi-million dollar brand on Amazon, however, despite having great relationships with suppliers, and passed inspections with every order, products were STILL getting to customers with quality problems and defects.

Our goal is
to catch bad
products before your
customers do.

Movley’s Unique Experience with E-Commerce Brands

Our founder Sajag ran a multi-million dollar brand on Amazon, however, despite having great
relationships with suppliers, and passed inspections with every order, products were STILL getting to customers with
quality problems and defects.

To assess the problem, Sajag moved to China on a mission to inspect the products himself and find out WHY these
defects weren’t found during those professional inspections. He was shocked to find the traditional inspections
process was broken.

So he used that passion and experience to create Movley to offer something so much better!

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"I'd rather pay more knowing I can trust my inspection results and take action on them then save $100 and risk my entire business."

- Amy W. Movley Customer and Brand Owner

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Why Choose Movley?

You can go online and search for a CHINA inspection company and get 1000s of competitors, but at Movley, we do a lot more than just inspections.

Cut-Rate $115

Low-cost inspection providers, freight companies, and sourcing agents

  • $40Labor
  • $10Admin
  • $65Profit Margin
  • Impossible Inspector Time Quotas
  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results
  • Bad English & Miscommunication
  • Bad Reports, No 1-on-1 Personalization
  • Untrained Inspectors
  • High Risk of Fraud


Well-known inspection companies


  • $177Inspector Time & Travel Costs
  • $20Training & Auditing
  • $10Admin
  • $143Profit Margin
  • No 1-on-1 personalization or assigned team
  • Trained Inspectors
  • Unreliable & Inconsistent Results
  • Bad English & Miscommunication

Movley $302/Day

Get an entire quality control team for the price of an inspection!

  • $177Trained, Bilingual Inspector Time & Travel Costs
  • $40Training & Auditing
  • $40Your Service Pod
  • $50Movley’s Margin
  • Native English Service Pod (Your Own Team)
  • Pay Only For Actual Inspector Time
  • Continuously Improving Recommendations
  • Video & Photo Reports with Factory Overview
  • Custom instructions for unique products

Your Own Team


Choose Movley and get a dedicated quality control team for the cost of an inspection.

  • $4,019/moInspector X1
  • $1,061/moTravel Costs & Incidentals
  • $4,920/moTraining, Auditing, & Management
  • Personalized 1-1 support
  • Not up to industry standards
  • No quality control insights from similar brands
  • High salary, travel, training overhead
  • High risk of fraud

Our Unique Process Saves You Time & Money

Our Super Power is Effective Communication & Continuous Improvement

Step 1

Connect With Your Service POD

This is your dedicated NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING quality control team made of
an account manager, booking specialists, & translators.

Step 2

Define Better Quality Requirements

Your service pod will help you convey your quality requirements, and even use past inspection data from similar products to improve your inspections.

Step 3

Improved inspection process

Your service pod works hand in hand with our inspectors, ensuring your requirements are communicated and understood

Step 4

Reports that give you an insider view

Our detailed reports include photos, videos, and instructions so you can take action on the results. We even include a factory overview

Step 5

Continuous Improvement

Next time you book, you’ll get improved testing recommendations. We get better with every inspection. And you’re part of that ecosystem when you work with us.

Effective Communication By Your Movley Service POD Team

Introducing Your Dedicated Service Pod Team

Think of our service pods as your own in-house personal team for every inspection

  • They Understand Your Products, Business and Customers
  • They Speak Native English so You Can Easily Communicate Questions & Concerns
  • They Can Help You Better Understand Your Products and Inspections, So You Can Lower Costs and Improve Quality
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Get More with Movley

Define Better Quality Requirements with Our Expert Insights & Recommendations

  • Your Service Pod Team will Help You Define & Convey Your Quality Requirements
  • We Leverage our Insights & Experience from 1000s of Inspections in Every Product Category
  • Work with Your Service Pod to Design Tests for Your Unique Product Characteristics

Customizable Inspections That Meet Industry Standards, and Yours

  • We inspect per AQL industry standards, and we’ll help you choose the right level for your products & budget
  • Our inspectors are well trained, bilingual, and supported by translators and regular communication from your service pod team
  • We perform detailed inspections with photos and videos so you get the insight you need to make informed decisions
"Get the insights You need to Make Informed Decisions"

Reports with an Insider View

Our well organized, detailed reports give you an insider view into your inspection, with hundreds to 1000s of photos, videos of each test, and instruction on at least one unit so you can see how the inspection was actually done.

Make informed decisions & ship with confidence

  • GET AN INSIDER VIEW – Comprehensive detailed reports include hundreds to even thousands of photos & videos of each test
  • INSPECTION INSTRUCTIONS so you can see how the inspection was actually done
  • A FACTORY OVERVIEW with employee counts, departments, & product lines so you can keep a pulse on your supplier with every order
  • 2-10 Pages
  • Some Photos
  • No Videos
  • No Customization
  • 40+ Organized Pages
  • 100-1000s of Photos
  • Multiple Videos
  • Factory Overview
  • Fully Customizable

Transparent Pricing - Get Exactly What You Pay For

We bill by the day at $302. Many inspections take just one day.

Get what you pay for with our MAXIMUM TIME GUARANTEE

  • WE RECOMMEND estimated time & best practices based on our extensive database of inspections
  • YOU CHOOSE Want us to do the best inspection we can do in 1 day? We can do that!
  • YOU PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE If we say 2 days and it only takes one, we credit you for the extra day!


  • Pre-quoted by your service pod
  • Many Inspections Just Take A Day
  • Pay Only For What You Use
  • ~8 hours of inspector factory time
  • Transport & accommodations included

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us directly.

Inspection companies should be 3rd parties. Factories only recommend inspection companies they have relationships with, which means the inspector is likely to pass a bad order.

All factories should be doing their own quality inspections during production. Movley exists because most of the time those checks are not thorough and do not check for your requirements.

Only freight companies do inspections at their own warehouse. Inspection companies go physically to the factory. Freight companies make more money when your order passes which is why they make you pay your supplier before they get it. By the time you get results, you’ve lost your monetary leverage even if something bad gets found. They are also a shipping company, and do not conduct inspection to best practices including statistical sample sizes. When doing inspections at the factory, we also have access to their machines, a product expert (your sales rep), and additional help to speed up the process.

Check out our page Why Movley for more information. Not only do you have miscommunication, broken English, and bad inspection process, but also they are not bound by laws, agreements, or confidentiality.